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AHDB lamb carcase data (2015) shows that over 43% of finished lambs sold in GB failed to achieve target market specification. Of these, around two thirds were too fat, and a good proportion were overweight. The situation is often compounded by lambs being kept too long – often in expectation of better prices – fed for longer and then being penalised for being over fat.

The beef sector is also being cautioned to watch weights. A recent report (Beef Industry News – June 2016) suggested that some processors are considering imposing maximum carcase weights by the end of this year. Finishers are being urged to respond to retail demand for affordable cuts from medium sized carcases and avoid sending in overweight cattle that produce outsized, over expensive, steaks and roasts.

Whilst many livestock producers are across the detail, the results suggest many others are not, and the need for regular and accurate monitoring of growth rates could offer significant benefits for farm profitability.

Incorporating even the simplest weigh crates into sheep and cattle handling systems should be a good starting point for many livestock producers.

Incorporating weighing equipment within existing handling equipment can make it quick and easy to check weights as part of other routine management tasks such as drenching and docking. If you are put off by the technology – don’t be! Start with a relatively basic system then build in as much specification as you need over time and as you become more comfortable. Many more farmers are embracing technology and using it as the basis of a more precise approach to livestock management that gives a relatively quick return on the initial investment.

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