ColRoy crooks

The story of ColRoy shepherds’ crooks……

ColRoy crooks have long been established as a firm favourite with our customers, so we thought we’d tell you a little bit about how they were developed:

In the early 1990s, two farming brothers decided to set up a new business, to supplement the income from their beef and sheep enterprises in Weardale, County Durham.

Roy and Colin Martin both used crooks as part of their daily life, to help them manage their sheep flocks. Therefore they decided to explore the possibility of applying modern materials and production technology, to create a new style of crook. It would have increased strength and functionality, while retaining the aesthetic appeal of the more traditional design.

After extensive research, the pair found the ideal material for fabricating their new crook, which they named ColRoy – an amalgamation of their first names. Sourcing the materials from a company that makes ski poles and products for the defence ministry, the pair assemble the crooks by hand, spending several days each month working on their diversification project. However Colin still finds time for his main hobby, which is breeding and showing prize-winning Swaledale sheep.

Says Roy:

“Our aim with the ColRoy was to make a crook that was lightweight, strong, and quick in the hand. The top is made from tough moulded plastic, which holds its original shape well and rarely breaks. We aim to give our customers the best possible value for money, by using top quality materials to make our crooks.”

Almost two decades after the first ColRoy crook was launched, fans of the brand can be found all over the world. The brothers have since gone on to develop two more crook models – the BluRoy and the RobRoy:


Injection-moulded, using a glass-filled polymer. Currently available in two sizes, long 134cm (product code 71000) and medium 118cm (71001).


Solid aluminium with cobalt blue shafts and polycoated for comfort - ideal for lambing (blue). 
Available in five sizes: 1 Combi (71230); 2 Long neck (71030); 3 Short neck 86cm (71032); 4 Long leg (71130); 5 Short leg (71132).


Aluminum polycoated tube - good working crook (red).
Available in two sizes, long neck 137cm (71020), and short neck (71022)

Comments from satisfied customers:

“We love everything about this crook – it is the most functional neck crook we have ever used.”

“Given a choice, I always grab the ColRoy crook.”

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