Jimmy Bell RD2000

 Jimmy Bell is known as the ‘Lamb Man', having built up an excellent reputation for selling meat direct to customers countrywide, and at local farmers’ markets. 

He has been using Ritchey’s RD2000 tags for several years at East Wingates, Northumberland.  
The 300 acre farm supports a 450 ewe flock, which are put to the Texel tup. 


Having tried a variety of tags, Jimmy finds that he gets the best retention rates from the RD2000. 
One advantage is its small size, compared with many rival brands.  He believes this feature helps to minimise the risk of snagging. The RD2000 is made from soft, flexible material, which makes it less prone to breaking.


Jimmy is also a fan of the RD2000 applicator, commenting that it is easy to manoeuvre into the correct position between the ear cartilage.  "The quick release mechanism is another main benefit", he adds.


“In any flock, you will always have the odd sheep that loses a tag.  It’s just something that sheep producers have to live with", says Jimmy. “But it is possible to minimise losses, by choosing a tag that is well designed, with a lot of thought given to practicalities.”


To complement the standard RD2000, Ritchey has produced an RD2000 Flag tag, which includes space to add management information, such as sire or the flock owner’s surname.  The Flag can be added at any stage using a pair of castration pliers which attach over the male part of the standard tag.


More information about the RD2000 can be found on the Ritchey website, www.ritchey.co.uk or get in touch with your local agricultural merchant.

Jimmy Bell can be contacted via his website at www.thelambman.com


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