Blue Helix Cattle Tag

breathable cap - aid healing & help prevent infection.  
metallic tip - smooth, clean application.
full, free rotation.
flexible yet durable plastic.
reinforced neck.
the new blue helix cattle ear tag - from ritchey 

The full range of Blue Helix tags are applied with the RED
universal Allflex applicator, as well as the ‘Flip Pin’ applicator.

It is important to ensure that the tag is as clean as possible
and that the applicator is clear of debris prior to application.

To ensure maximum retention is achieved the female
(blue cap) part of the tag should be placed on the inside of
the animals ear. 

the new blue helix cattle tag - from ritchey 
About the tags:
all three sizes are ministry approved..
Large & Medium - Primary and Secondary.
Button - Secondary only.

High quality, resistant laser mark  .
Blue Helix is a premium range of cattle ear tags, available exclusively though trade merchants.
Designed with farmers in mind - it incorporates a number of key features designed to provide maximum retention, therefore minimising

blue helix cattle tag - sizes: button, medium, large

To see more of the Ritchey range of sheep, cattle, pig and other livestock ear tags visit the tagging section of this 
website here...

For further information about the Blue Helix range of cattle tags or any of the other products from Ritchey, please speak to your local trader, alternatively call our friendly customer service team on 01765 689541 or complete our contact form here...

Download the Blue Helix Presentation here...

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