Complete Stock Management Solution

Ritchey™ can provide a Complete Stock Management Solution for any size of farm, from the smallholder, to the commercial farmer

By incorporating Ritchey™ Electronic Identification (EID) Tags, Tru-Test Electronic Weighing (including load bars and electronic weigh scales) and Prattley Animal Management Systems, it is possible to increase efficiency, productivity and profits

These systems are easy to use, reduce the risk of human error and can help to improve shepherding and other livestock management decisions

Just some of the benefits include:

  • Manage feed more effectively
  • Recognise weight variations and prevent over- fattening lambs
  • Identify breeding patterns which in turn helps decision making and profitability
  • Accurate weighing improves dosing accuracy, reducing drench usage and lowering resistance
  • Automatic drafting, reducing labour and time

To see our Complete Stock Management Solution in action, or to ask any questions come and visit us at one of the shows listed in our calendar

Call our friendly customer service team on 01765 689541 or contact us here…


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