Complete Stock Management Solution

Cox & Ritchey (part of the Allflex Group) can provide a complete stock management solution for any size of farm, from smallholders, to commercial farms.

Mobile Livestock Handling Systems
Cox & Ritchey (part of the Allflex Group) can provide a complete stock management solution for any size of farm, from smallholders, to commercial farms. As farm labour has declined over recent years the need for simple stock handling systems has grown. Mobile yards that allow the kit to be taken to the stock, often away from the main farm unit, have become the norm and the efficiency with which large numbers of stock can be handled has increased significantly.

Integrated Handling and Weighing Systems

At the same time we have seen a growing demand for handling systems to incorporate weighing equipment as well as to leverage Electronic Identification (EID) and farm software technology. 

These integrated handling and weighing systems allow for the improved welfare and health management of herds and flocks as well as better returns from stock sales. Regular and accurate weighing ensures that health treatments can be administered more precisely for example saving money in unnecessary overdosing and helping to farm more sustainably by reducing the risk of anthelmintic resistance over time. And knowing the accurate weight of lambs at the point of sale means that returns can be maximised from the peak market and the risk of penalties for “out of specification” stock can be minimised. 

In the UK, Allflex manufacture and distribute Alligator Mobile Sheep Handling Systems, and distribute Prattley sheep and cattle handling systems and electronic weighing equipment. In all offering a comprehensive range of handling and weighing systems to help farmers improve efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Alligator Mobile Sheep Handling Systems

With a long pedigree the Alligator has a proven track record on thousands of farms across the UK. Engineered for strength and highly regarded by sheep farmers for being lightweight and modular in design it is mobile and has full VCA approval. The British made steel frame of the trailer unit combined with hardened double welded aluminium gates, which form pens and sorting races, mean it is robust enough to be fully mobile – allowing use in multiple locations. 

With the ability to incorporate load bars into an aluminium platform floor this handling system allows for integrated weighing optionality.

Prattley Mobile Sheep Handling and Weighing Systems

Prattley is a brand which has become synonymous with the demanding sheep farming businesses of New Zealand. On the market for over 50 years these sheep and cattle handling systems have a trusted   reputation throughout New Zealand and around the world as a result of their dedication to producing tough, durable, light-weight equipment.

Distributed exclusively in the UK by Allflex the range includes mobile sheep and cattle handling systems as well as weigh crates, manual and auto drafter units and sheep conveyor systems.  

Weighing and Data Capture Equipment

Allflex are distributors in the UK of electronic weighing and data capture equipment. This includes weigh indicators, load bars, suspension cells, stick readers and panel readers. 

Many farmers understand the benefits of accurate and regular weighing to their business and to the performance of their animals.

The information provided by capturing identification and weight data assists in decision making around such things as feed rations, health treatments, sales and marketing of stock and condition scoring. 

iLivestock App 
The iLivestock app from Allflex is a software package that allows a livestock farmer to carry and access comprehensive herd and flock information on a mobile phone. Easy to use it provides easy access to data including animal identification, lineage, medication and movement records. Additionally ear tags can be ordered directly from Allflex at the touch of a button via the app on an iPhone or iPad. 

Animal data is stored within the app and available at all times. Access to the internet is not required to recall information. 

Because the iLivestock app is “movement enabled” it will assist in speeding up the production of livestock movement paperwork, particularly with electronically tagged sheep. Groups of animals can be scanned in and the relevant paperwork processed through iLivestock to produce a print ready movement sheet.

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