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From January 1st 2016 all lambs presented for slaughter before 12 months of age at a UK abattoir, privately or through a mart must be identified with either a single electronic slaughter tag (EID) or full EID (one electronic tag and a matching non electronic tag) rather than a non-EID visual tag.

welsh tagging legislation is changing - slaughter lambs

The changes were announced in 2014 as a result of the EID Cymru and slaughter derogation consultation. Lambs off Welsh farms that are born or tagged for the first time after January 1st 2016 and arriving at market without an EID tag will be rejected.
In a survey conducted by the Allflex Group it was highlighted that although the majority of farmers were aware of the upcoming changes, 30% still did not know a change is imminent. With only a short few weeks until the new rules come in to effect it is imperative to understand the new rules for Wales, in order to avoid costly issues through non-compliance.

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You can read the full press release here: Welsh Tagging Legislation Press Release

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