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Fay Mockford started keeping ponies from an early age. Growing up in Northamptonshire, she became involved in dressage and show jumping and eventually competed at county level.

oster pro3000i clipper, from ritchey

Now the Head Groom at stables based in Leicestershire, Fay cares for several Hunters of 16 hands plus, all of which are fully clipped out. Being the Master’s horses, they are the centre of attention and must always look the part.
Achieving the very smart full clip requires a great deal of care and skill. Fay uses the Oster PRO3000i for lines and detail, leaving the bigger more cumbersome clippers to fill in the larger areas like the hindquarters and up the neck. Fay commented;
“The clip from the Oster is excellent. It gives a much better finish than other clippers when used on spots where the hair grows in different directions, like between the ears or on bony awkward bits.” 

Fay has found the main benefit of using the Oster PRO3000i is that it is cordless. “This makes it much more manoeuvrable,” she commented, “and allows you to just get on and get the job done.”

The quiet motor produces a lot less vibration than bigger clippers making the Oster PRO3000i ideal for use on the more difficult areas of a horse, like the head, face and ears. “I don’t need to twitch the horse as I usually would, I can even clip the undercarriage without the fear of being kicked. Usually I would use a dog clipper or a normal hair clipper on these delicate areas, but as soon as you hit a sweaty bit the clippers just die, they don’t have the motor power. I haven’t had this problem with the Oster.”

The slightly smaller blades deliver durability as well as precision. Fay said: “I would absolutely recommend them to fully clip one or two ponies or smaller horses. It’s unusual to find a clipper that gives you the same quality finish after four clips on the same blades and they are ideal for a chaser or blanket clip.” She added: “With the bigger heavy duty clippers you have to stop every 10 – 15 minutes to clean and oil the blades. The Oster blades just carry on; they only get a little bit warm.”

The lighter and slimmer body of the Oster PRO3000i means it offers an easier and more comfortable grip, something that Fay found made a difference to her as she suffers from carpal tunnel syndrome. “It doesn’t aggravate the condition,” she said. “The Oster gives you a smaller, lighter clipper that’s comfortable in the hand without losing any of the power.”

The Oster PRO3000i are just one of the horse / animal clippers within the Ritchey Equine, Vet & Pet- Grooming range, to see the full collection please click here... 

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