Prattley- Ross Wilson

“Flexibility is the key.”

Ross Wilson has carried on a family tradition by running the farm in Northumberland that his father started farming in 1952. They have 1600 ewes and use a Prattley Mobile Yard for any kind of sheep handling – mainly weighing the lambs.


They bought the race in the autumn of 2012. Ross commented: “You don’t realise how handy they are until you’ve got one.”

ross wilson prattley testimonial

Ross is very impressed with the design of the Prattley system, and this was his main reason for choosing it. He commented: “It’s lightweight and practical. It’s good and strong and the residuals are high. [It’s] designed right.”

The lightweight design means they can take the pens to the sheep, rather than having to bring the sheep to the farm. It means less stress for the sheep, as they stay in the fields, and less labour. It also saves a great deal of time – Ross calculated it probably saves around three hours at a go. In just a few minutes, they can drive to the fields and put up the race. it’s also easy to take the race to a sheltered area of the farm to keep under cover or dry off when it rains.

The flexibility of the Prattley system is another key feature that impresses Ross. He commented: “Flexibility is the key. It can perform so many different tasks….We should have had one years ago.”

ingram farm and prattley

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