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As well as having run a 200-acre sheep and arable farm for the last 13 years, Norman Walker has been a cattle foot trimmer for 30 years, working as part of a team of two. While most of this work is in Lancashire, Cheshire and Cumbria, it also takes them as far south as London.

prattley cattle crush system

They deal with around 20,000 cows a year and run hoof trimming crushes for which they use two Prattley outfits. They originally chose these because they were made from aluminium. Norman commented: “They’re amazingly strong for how light they are.” He’s found this to be a real benefit, as it makes them easy to use. 

Norman has found that the equipment has been well worth the investment. 

“They’ve certainly paid their way as far as we’re concerned. They’re used five days a week for up to ten hours a day, so they get a lot of use.”

They’ve had one of them for around 13 years and Norman is impressed with how well it’s lasted. He said: 

“That race has had close on 150,000 cattle through it and we do a lot of big bulls.”

The flexibility of the Prattley equipment allows them to handle the cows safely, calmly and quickly. Norman said: “They’re so tall that cattle don’t even think about jumping over them.” He added: “You can slot [the gates] into most situations and they fit into most other systems…We can make different shapes with the equipment we have and we’ve never been stuck for getting the cows in.”

Speed is of the essence for the team. The Prattley equipment is ideal for this, as they’re easy to transport and really quick to set up and take down – they can set them up in five minutes. This speed means they can be in and out of a yard quickly, as farms usually like them to work between milkings.

Norman is a big fan of Prattley equipment. He said about this system: 

“It works really well. It’s very, very versatile and makes our job so much easier.”

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