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Ritchey™ are very proud to introduce the NEW Tru-Test™ XRP2 EID Panel Reader.

new tru-test xrp2 panel reader, from ritchey

In the past few years there has been a sharp rise in the use of both; Panel Readers (such as the Tru-Test XRP) and Stick / Wand EID Readers (Tru-Test XRS Stick Reader), in managing flocks and herds.


Both the XRP Panel Reader and XRS Stick Reader have been firm favourites with farmers here in the UK and abroad, helping to increase productivity, accuracy and ultimately profitability on farms of all sizes.


The XRP2 is the next evolution of the original XRP incorporating all of its great features, whilst adding Bluetooth Connectivity and an Internal Memory as seen in the XRS Stick Reader.


This means the panel reader is now able to operate independently of a weigh head indicator recording animal movements, which can then easily be transferred using Tru-Test DataLink Software or via the DataLink App (for Android Smartphones) using a wired connection or via Bluetooth®.


Tru-Test have also made significant improvements to the design of the XRP2 adding enhanced read-rates, in built diagnostics to ensure the panel is located in the best possible position (to avoid interference from surroundings), and the XRP2 has been further “ruggedized” making it more robust than ever before.


So, how much do all these improvements add to the cost of the XRP2?


The answer is ZERO! The XRP2 is the same price as the model it replaces, making it not only one of the most advanced panel readers on the market, but also outstanding value for money.


Even greater efficiencies can be gained by incorporating the XRP2 from Tru-Test with Prattley Animal Management Systems and Ritchey EID Livestock Tags to create your own bespoke Complete Stock Management Solution.


If you would like to learn more please speak to your Ritchey sales representative, contact our friendly customer service team on 01765 689541 or fill out the contact form here...

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